Product Details

Graphic LCD Module

  • Model:SG, SH, ACM
  • Specification:Graphic LCD Module

Product Introduction

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PART NUMBER              DESCRIPTION                                                                                      
SG12232CULB-GB-G Black graphic 122x32, STN Yellow-green LCD, Y-G LED backlight.
SG12232PULB-GB-R Black graphic 122x32, STN Y-G LCD, Y-G LED backlight.
SG12864ABWB-GB-G White graphic 128x64, STN Blue Transmissive LCD,white LED b/l.
SG12864ATLB-GB-Z Black graphic 128x64, STN Yellow Transmissive LCD, Y-G LED b/l.
SG12864DULB-HB-R Black graphic 128x64, STN Y-G LCD, Y-G LED backlight.
SH12864BFFT-H-G Black graphic 128x64, FSTN LCD, Blue LED backlight.
SH240160BFWB-G-K Black graphic 240x160, FSTN LCD, white LED backlight.

Product Notes

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